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Recommissioning of care at home - update

On 23rd January 2020, Social Services presented a report which outlined the proposal for a new approach to the commissioning arrangements for the future delivery of care at home (domiciliary care and sessional support) across adults and children’s services. This report set out a procurement timetable to have the new contracts and system in place by 4 November 2020. At this time, Cabinet approved to delegate authority to the Director of Social Services for all procurement decisions related to the re-commissioning of the new arrangements.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic response, which required significant support and guidance for the social care sector from the local authority, the timescale for this piece of work needs to be extended.


Due to the significant change of the proposed procurement timeline, as well as changes in leadership within the Social Services directorate, it is appropriate that this recommendation is reviewed at Cabinet level.



Math o fusnes: Key

Statws: Argymhellion Cymeradwy

Hysbysiad o benderfyniad arfaethedig wedi’i gyhoeddi gyntaf: 09/10/2020

Angen Penderfyniad: 19 Tach 2020 Yn ôl Cabinet

Scrutiny Consideration: Amber

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