Committee details

Maindy Park Trust Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee

The Maindy Park Trust Advisory Committee is comprised of 3 independent members of the Standards and Ethics Committee and has the following terms of reference:

(a)       to consider whether the land exchange proposed by Cardiff Council in its statutory capacity as local authority should be agreed by the Maindy Park Trust (‘the Charity’), having regard to the best interests of the Charity and its beneficiaries, and all relevant evidence in this respect, including (but without limitation to) independent valuation advice on the relevant land and views submitted in response to the public consultation on this matter; and

(b)       to make a recommendation to Cabinet, in its capacity as Trustee of the Charity, on whether or not the proposed land exchange should be agreed (subject to approval by the Charity Commission).



Contact information

Support officer: Mandy Farnham.

Phone: 02920 872618