Agenda item

Motion 2

Proposed by:              Councillor Bowen-Thomson 


Seconded by: Councillor Ashley Lister


Like Local Government and all other public services, Police forces in England and Wales have been subjected to significant funding cuts over the course of the last decade. Approximately a third of the Police Grant, £51m has been cut since 2011/12 and further cuts are predicted until 2020/21.

This funding issue is compounded by the reality that further costs are incurred for policing our Capital City.  Cardiff is one of the fastest growing cities, with over 18 million visitors per year, numerous large scale events, the home of the Welsh Government and a high student population.


The UK Government has taken no account of these additional costs and has not provided any extra funding to meet these needs.

As noted by the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

“By failing to provide an adequate police grant settlement, the UK Government has shifted the burden of police funding on to council tax payers, passing the responsibility to local Police and Crime Commissioners to find the inevitable increases required to provide effective policing.”

The impact for residents in Cardiff is a 10.3% increase in the amount charged through our Council Tax for residents in Cardiff, an extra £24 per year for a Band D property.


It is vital that Cardiff is kept safe for the future, that victims are supported, and the most vulnerable people are protected.


This Council therefore resolves to:



Write to the Home Secretary to convey the urgency for frontline policing to be properly funded through a long-term financial solution that reverses the severe cuts and provides much-needed relief to Police Forces across England and Wales



Request that a review into the current funding formula be undertaken urgently to remedy the clearly flawed arrangement that currently sees the South Wales Police excluded from receiving Capital City funding