Agenda item

Motion 2

Proposed by             Councillor Dan De’Ath

Seconded by             Councillor Susan Goddard


This Council notes that:


1.      130 young people (aged 16 or over) left the care of City of Cardiff Council and began the difficult transition out of care and into adulthood during the 16/17 financial year.


2.     A 2016 report by The Children’s Society found that when care leavers move into independent accommodation they begin to manage their own budget fully for the first time. The report showed that care leavers can find this extremely challenging and with no family to support them and insufficient financial education, are falling into debt and financial difficulty.


3.     Research from The Centre for Social Justice found that over half (57%) of young people leaving care have difficulty managing their money and avoiding debt when leaving care.


4.     The local authority has statutory corporate parenting responsibilities towards young people who have left care up until the age of 25.


This Council believes that:


1.     To ensure that the transition from care to adult life is as smooth as possible, and to mitigate the chances of care leavers falling into debt as they begin to manage their own finances, they should be exempt from paying council tax.


2.      Care leavers are a particularly vulnerable group for council tax debt.

This Council, therefore, resolves:


To take a report to the next Cabinet meeting exploring measures to use the City Council’s convening powers and expertise in corporate parenting to work with all council tax collecting authorities to exempt all care leavers in the county from council tax, sharing any arising costs proportionately.

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