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Information about Audit Committee

Statement of Purpose:


        Our Audit Committee is a key component of Cardiff Council’s corporate governance. It provides an independent and high-level focus on the audit, assurance and reporting arrangements that underpin good governance and financial standards.

        The purpose of our Audit Committee is to provide independent assurance to the members of Cardiff Council, and its wider citizens and stakeholders, on the adequacy of the risk management framework and the internal control environment. It provides an independent review of Cardiff Council’s governance, risk management and control frameworks and oversees the financial reporting and annual governance processes. It oversees internal audit and external audit, helping to ensure efficient and effective assurance arrangements are in place.


The Committee delivers its role through the Audit Committee Work Programme which is designed in accordance with its terms of reference. The Work Programme is updated throughout the year following consideration in each Audit Committee meeting.


The Committee holds an Audit Committee Action Plan to monitor the delivery of actions arising from Audit Committee meetings. The Action Plan contains the status of the actions which were open at the time of the last Audit Committee meeting.  


Information on the activities of the Audit Committee and its outcomes are included in an Audit Committee Newsletter, linked below.


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Audit Committee Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2020

Audit Committee Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2019

Audit Committee Newsletter – Spring Summer 2019

Audit Committee Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2018