Election results for Lisvane

Cardiff Council Elections 2017 - Thursday, 4th May, 2017

Lisvane - results
Election Candidate Party Votes % Outcome
David Walker Welsh Conservative Party Candidate / Ymgeisydd Plaid Geidwadol Cymru 1232 76% Elected
Jessica Taylor Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru 219 13% Not elected
Myfanwy Price Welsh Liberal Democrats / Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru 130 8% Not elected
Anthony John Couch Cardiff Plaid - Plaid Cymru Caerdydd 49 3% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 1630
Electorate 2903
Number of ballot papers issued 1635
Number of ballot papers rejected 5
Turnout 56%
Share of the votes (%)
David Walker 76% Elected
Jessica Taylor 13% Not elected
Myfanwy Price 8% Not elected
Anthony John Couch 3% Not elected
Rejected ballot papers
Unmarked or void for uncertainty4
Voting for more than one registered party or individual candidate1
Total rejected5