Issue - decisions

City Centre East - Canal Tender Award and Castle Street Permanent Transport Scheme

18/06/2021 - City Centre Next Steps: Castle Street and City Centre East (Phase 1 + Canal)

Appendix 6 of this report is not for publication as it contains exempt information of the description in paragraphs 14 and 21 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.





1.            the outcome of the public consultation and modelling work carried out on the future of Castle St be noted


2.            the implementation of the adjustment to the current road layout on Castle Street to allow all traffic as outlined in Appendix 2 be approved


3.            the intention to undertake further modelling and analysis of the impact of the scheme on clean air, congestions and wider city recovery and renewal be noted



4.            authority be delegated to the Director of Planning, Transport & Environment in consultation with the Corporate Director of Resources to deal with all aspects of the procurement process (including approving the evaluation criteria to be used and authorising the award of the proposed contract) and all ancillary matters pertaining to the procurement for the construction of City Centre East + Canal Phase 1.