Committee details

Council Appeals Committee

Purpose of committee

To hear and determine appeals (other than those appeals which are within the terms of reference of any other Committee) from determinations and decisions of the Authority where there is a statutory requirement for there to be an appeal to Members of the Council or where such appeal is allowed for in any policy or procedure approved by the Council.


On hearing an appeal the committee shall be empowered, on behalf and in the name of the Council, to make such an order as it considers appropriate, within the range of decisions permissible at law.


The Committee, when sitting to hear an appeal, shall not include any Members of the Cabinet or Members of any Committee principally concerned with the service by which the decision or determination has been made, or Members who have been concerned in any previous consideration of the matter, which has given rise to or from which the appeal arises.


At each sitting of the Committee to hear an appeal, the Committee shall, firstly, ensure that the appeal has been properly made and, secondly, that the appellant has been afforded the opportunity of being represented at the hearing of his/her appeal by such friend, lawyer or other representative as he/she may choose. 


In hearing an appeal the Committee shall conform to the rules of natural justice.


All Members of the Committee will be required to undertaken relevant training to enable them to property discharge their duties.


Contact information

Support officer: Andrea Redmond.

Phone: 02920 872434