Agenda item

Motion 1

Proposed by:               Councillor Keith Jones 


Seconded by:              Councillor Lynda Thorne   


This Labour Council:


1.     Recognises the critical shortage of affordable housing across the UK. In Cardiff there are more than 8,000 people on the common housing waiting list for social housing, with over 4,000 in housing need.


2.     Recognises that the sale of council housing has exacerbated the problem of addressing housing need.


3.     Recognises that Labour both in Cardiff and Welsh Government have introduced a number of schemes, such as the reduction of the discount available, which has slowed down the number of ‘right to buys’.


4.     Welcomes the Welsh Government's policy of ending the sale of social housing in Wales, and the Council’s decision to consult on the suspension of the right to buy across Cardiff.


5.     Recognises that the Council are embarking on its second Housing Partnership Programme to build more council and affordable homes in Cardiff.


6.      Calls upon the Cabinet to investigate other innovative approaches, both permanent and temporary, to increase the availability of affordable housing in Cardiff.

Supporting documents: