Agenda item

Appointment of Assistant Director, Housing & Communities

To consider the shortlisting of candidates for the post of Assistant Director, Housing and Communities for Interview.


The Appointments Committee for the post of Assistant Director, Housing & Communities was reconvened to receive and consider the findings from the

Assessment Centre.


The Committee had four Assessment Reports to review. The Committee, in making its decision, took account of each candidate’s original application, how each candidate scored against the competencies required for the role, the written assessment on each of the tasks which addressed the candidates strength’s and skills. The Committee considered that two candidates should be put forward for formal interview.


The Committee considered the presentation topic options and set questions for the interview process.




·         Candidates 22915 and 22957 be invited for interview;

·         the candidates be advised of the presentation topic and that a maximum of 10 minutes be allocated for the presentation;

·         the selected questions be finalised for the interview Committee


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