Agenda item

Motion 1

Proposed by Councillor Rodney Berman

Seconded by Councillor Emma Sandrey

This council notes:

a)    The concept of the “20-minute neighbourhood” or “15-minute city”, conceived by cities such as Melbourne and Paris, which seeks to improve liveability and develop more sustainable, local communities by planning for residents to be able to access most of the facilities they need on a daily basis within a 15-20 minute walk, cycle or bus ride from their home;

b)    That the “20-minute neighbourhood” concept has been backed by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales as well as by organisations such as Sustrans; and

c)    That the concept has many benefits in relation to both environment and health, as well as the promotion of sustainability through more localised economic development.


This council welcomes and endorses the commitment within its Corporate Plan for 2021-24 to support the “15-minute city” principle. In order to build on that commitment, however, this council calls on the Cabinet to ensure that the “15-minute city” principle is fully incorporated in council policies across the board, including by:


1)    Fully factoring in the “15-minute city” principle to the city’s revised Local Development Plan (LDP), as part of the full review of the plan which is to be undertaken by late 2024; and

2)    Revising the council’s existing transport and economic development strategies to ensure they are sufficiently underpinned by the “15-minute city” principle.



Supporting documents: