Agenda item

Motion 2

Proposed by Sean Driscoll:

Seconded by Joel Williams:


This Council notes:


1)    There are new, large housing developments in Cardiff either recently constructed, under construction or ready to start.


2)    Many of these have planning a permission with section 106 planning agreements for a range of amenities, possibly including community facilities such as schools, surgeries, halls, shops other community buildings or transportation enhancements.


3)    The planning obligations on these sites often include a trigger point, or an occupancy deadline, for the commencement or completion of the obligation, such as a school.


This Council also notes that there have been instances when community facilities on new Cardiff developments have not been commenced or completed at the agreed trigger point. This impacts on services available to new residents, increases the pressure on existing services offsite and may slow the formation of social links within the new community. It can also have the possibility of restricting the delivery of public services by this council, as well as impacting on the delivery of the LDP and affecting other existing adjoining communities and infrastructure.


This Council calls on:


1)    Developers to ensure that they comply with conditions and section 106 obligations within planning permissions for large new developments.


2)    The Cabinet to bring forward a report outlining how the Council’s planning enforcement regime will be strengthened regarding the construction of provisions covered by section 106 obligations, especially community facilities, on new developments. This should include how this will be achieved in the context of both the current Local Development Plan and any replacement plan.



Supporting documents: