Agenda item

Motion 1

Proposed by:               Councillor Mia Rees


Seconded by:              Councillor Oliver Owen


This Council notes:


1)         The impact of Coronavirus will be with us for some time to come. It has affected key aspects of people's lives, including their social lives. It has isolated many people from their peer groups and friends.

2)         That groups, including clubs, societies, religious groups and community organisations which offer activities and a chance to meet socially, have had to stop meeting physically and that some are at a real risk of permanently closing down as a result.

3)         That an increase in social isolation amongst individual residents potentially leads to illness, especially mental health issues.

4)         That a number of groups across the city are run by people who may not have a computer or know how to use one.

5)         That if groups are using virtual meeting technology, there may be a cost to the group.


This Council calls on the Cabinet:


1)         To continue tackling the problems of loneliness caused by Coronavirus in all age groups but especially the elderlyand vulnerable.

2)         To introduce a package of measures to assist local groups across Cardiff which could include the following measures:

·       Small grants ring-fenced to allow local groups to afford subscriptions to use virtual meeting facilities.

·       Training for those who are not experienced in how to use virtual meetings to use it to maximum benefit.

·       To consider what other small scale targeted and effective support can be offered to local groups across Cardiff.

3)         To provide advice and support to groups returning to meeting in person when it is safe to do so.

4)         To ensure the Council will offer online sessions to groups on key messaging to help residents such as council tax reductions, community alarm services, how to learn online and how to access services to support people living with dementia.



Supporting documents: