Agenda item

Notice of Motion 2

Proposed by: Cllr Saeed Ebrahim


Seconded by: Cllr Jen Burke-Davies



This Council notes:


That Sir Thomas Picton is celebrated in a statue in the Marble Hall as part of the Heroes of Wales collection.

That recent events have brought to wider attention the behaviour of Picton, and his role in the transatlantic slave trade – including his reputation as a particularly brutal man, and his conviction for the illegal torture of a 14-year old girl.

That in the public vote held in 1913, the public did not vote for Sir Thomas Picton to be included amongst the statues in Cardiff City Hall


That Cardiff is a diverse, welcoming city


This Council believes:


The behaviour of Picton as Governor of Trinidad was abhorrent, even in his own era, and not deserving of a place in the Heroes of Wales collection.

That heightened awareness about the history of slavery must include a reassessment of the regard in which we hold Picton, and many others who were actors and beneficiaries of slavery.

That in hindsight it was an error to have included Picton as an option in the 1916 public vote, and an error that he had not been removed sooner.

That a democratic decision, by the representatives of the people of Cardiff, to remove the statue will send a message to Black people in Cardiff and across the world that the city recognises the role people like Picton played in slavery, and that we must seek to address the systemic racism that still exists due to slavery and Empire.


This Council resolves:


·         To remove the statue of Sir Thomas Picton from the Marble Hall, and to consider placing it elsewhere with a clear explanation of his actions.

·         To welcome the introduction of a Task Force by the Leader to address the inequalities BAME people face and to include representation from Cardiff’s Black communities

·         To implement the Task Force recommendations

·         That Black lives matter, and that none of us are equal until all of us are equal.


Supporting documents: