Agenda item

Motion 1

Proposed by:              Councillor Sean Driscoll 


Seconded by: Councillor Michael Phillips


This Council notes its disappointment at the recent defeat of the Autism Bill at the National Assembly for Wales, a Bill that was developed in partnership with the National Autistic Society and received cross-party support. Though this Council, of course, recognises that legislation alone is not the answer to improving access to services for those with autism in our communities.


This Council therefore resolves to:



Request that the Leader of the Council writes to both the First Minister and the Minister for Health and Social Services, outlining this Council`s concern at the recent defeat of this Bill, whilst also seeking reassurances that the Welsh Government will be bringing forward its own legislation on this issue. 



Request that the relevant scrutiny committee of this Council produce a piece of work in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, on what more this Council can do to support those living with autism in Cardiff. 


Supporting documents: