Agenda item

Terms of Reference

The Annual Council, at its meeting on 23 May 2019, agreed the following terms of reference for the Policy Review and Performance Scrutiny Committee:


To scrutinise, monitor and review the overall operation of the Cardiff Programme for Improvement and the effectiveness of the general implementation of the Council’s policies, aims and objectives, including:


·       Council Business Management and Constitutional Issues

·       Cardiff Council Corporate Plan

·       Strategic Policy Development

·       Strategic Programmes

·       Community Planning & Vision Forum

·       Voluntary Sector Relations

·       Citizen Engagement & Consultation

·       Corporate Communications

·       Contact Centre Services and Service Access

·       International Policy

·       Cardiff Local Development Plan

·       Equalities

·       Finance and Corporate Grants

·       Organisational Development

·       Cardiff Efficiencies Programme

·       E-Government

·       Information and Communication Technology

·       Council Property

·       Commissioning and Procurement

·       Carbon Management

·       Legal Services

·       Public Services Board


To scrutinise, monitor and review the effectiveness of the Council’s systems of financial control and administration and use of human resources.


To assess the impact of partnerships with and resources and services provided by external organisations including the Welsh Government joint local government services.  Welsh Government Sponsored Public Bodies and quasi-departmental non-governmental bodies on the effectiveness of Council services delivery.


To report to an appropriate Cabinet or Council meeting on its findings and to make recommendations on measures which may enhance Council performance and service delivery in this area.