Agenda item

21st Century Schools Band 8: Redevelopment of Cantonian, Riverbank and Woodlands Schools



1.    statutory notices be issued to:

·         Increase the capacity of Cantonian High from 6 forms of entry (6FE) to eight forms of entry (8FE) with sixth form provision for up to 250 pupils in new build accommodation;

·         Expand the Specialist Resource Base (SRB) for learners with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), hosted at Cantonian High School from 20 to 30 places in purpose built accommodation in the new school buildings;

·         Transfer Woodlands Special School to the Doyle Avenue site and increase the capacity from 140 places to 240 places in new build accommodation;


·         Transfer Riverbank Special School to the Doyle Avenue site and increase the capacity from 70 to 112 places in new build accommodation.


2.    It be noted that if objections to the published statutory notice are received, the Council would publish a summary of these objections and the Council’s response to those objections. 

3.    It be noted that within 35 days of the end of the objection period the Council will forward copies of the statutory objections in addition to the objection report to the Welsh Ministers for determination of the proposal.

4.    It be noted that the Cabinet will receive a subsequent report on further proposals to increase the number of special school places for primary age children with complex learning needs.


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