Agenda item

Membership and Terms of Reference

To note that Council at its Annual Meeting on 24 May 2018 agreed the following Membership and Terms of Reference: -




Councillors Jennifer Burke-Davies, Rodney Berman, Joe Carter, Susan Goddard, Russell Goodway, Keith Jones, Mike Jones-Pritchard, Kathryn Kelloway, Ashley Lister, Rod McKerlich, Keith Parry and Peter Wong.


Terms of Reference


To review the Council’s Constitution, and to recommend to Council and/or Cabinet any changes, except that the Committee will have authority (subject to the Monitoring Officer’s advice) to make the following changes on behalf of the Council:-


(a)   Drafting improvements to enhance clarity and remove minor anomalies.


(b)   Updating to reflect legislative changes and matters of record.


(c)   Amendments to the Financial, Contracts and Land Procedure Rules (subject to the advice of the S.151 Officer being sought).