Agenda item

Motion 1

Proposed by:             Councillor Carter


Seconded by:           Councillor Wood


This Council recognises that reducing carbon emissions from homes bring financial benefits to the occupants and environmental benefits to society.

This Council notes


·           The Welsh Government target to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 80% by 2050, against the 1990 baseline.

·           Residential buildings make up 7.5% of Welsh emissions.

·           23% of Welsh households are in fuel poverty.

·           The success of institutions such as Cardiff University in showing how zero carbon homes could be built at low cost.


This Council calls on the Cabinet to:- 


1.     Commit to ensuring that council houses built after 2022 are zero carbon with clean supplies of energy and high energy efficiency designed in from the start.


2.     Develop Supplementary Planning Guidance to increase the number of private homes built to zero carbon standards.

Supporting documents: