Agenda item

Motion 2

Proposed by:             Councillor Lyn Hudson


Seconded by:           Councillor Oliver Owen


This Council is committed to supporting citizens and families who live with dementia and to making Cardiff a recognized dementia friendly city, a place where people affected by dementia can continue to prosper and enjoy life safe in the knowledge that the wider community is understanding and supportive of their needs.


This Council notes that



Familiarity of location and care is considered essential for many people who are suffering from dementia and a local day centre helps prevent citizens from becoming geographically disorientated.



A day centre with dementia services raises awareness of the issue in the local community.



The current Council funded day centres are logistically situated in the east and west of the city. There are no direct bus routes from the most northern wards of Cardiff to the current day centres and direct VEST community transport can take up to an hour in heavy traffic. The current day centres, whilst excellent in themselves, do not have the capacity to adequately provide for the needs of all older residents across Cardiff.


This Council calls on the Cabinet to establish a stand-alone Council funded day centre which offers dementia services in the north of the City of Cardiff, where the concentration of older citizens is at its highest, by the end of this Council’s term of office in 2022 and draw up a timetable for the accreditation of Cardiff as a Dementia Friendly City.

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