Agenda item

Motion 3

Proposed by             Councillor Sean Driscoll

Seconded by             Councillor Philippa Hill-John


This Council notes that:


1.    Cardiff’s population is projected to grow by 26%, which is the highest projected growth and expansion of any UK city during the period of our Local Development Plan. This expansion will increase traffic pollution throughout the city.


2.    That poor air quality damages people’ health and damages buildings – especially in our conservation areas.


3.    That traffic congestion outside schools will increase levels of pollution during the school run.


4.    That at present Cardiff constantly fails to meet air quality standards with regard to NO2 levels in areas of the city, and that present levels of particulates have a negative impact on health.


This Council calls on the Cabinet:


1.     To instigate the live monitoring of Cardiff’s Air quality with monitoring stations at different locations across the city.


2.     To undertake a comprehensive feasibility study of overhauling Cardiff Council’s vehicle fleet in order to bring those vehicles in line with the very latest environmental friendly technology, and to consider the possibility of grants for green technology on the bus fleets operating in Cardiff.


3.     To ensure that Cardiff Council works in close partnership with key stakeholders including neighbouring local authorities and business, to ensure that best practice in delivering clean air strategies can be learnt from and implemented in Cardiff.


4.     To assess Cardiff’s current level of readiness to take advantage of electric vehicle technology, including charging points and ensure that Cardiff works towards becoming an electric vehicle friendly city.


5.     To further develop the walk to school scheme and workplace travel plans for Cardiff businesses.

Supporting documents: