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COVID-19 Scrutiny Panel

This page lists the meetings for COVID-19 Scrutiny Panel.


Information about COVID-19 Scrutiny Panel

Terms of Reference:



A COVID-19 Scrutiny Panel be established comprising of the five Scrutiny Chairpersons.



The Panel will be responsible for scrutinising the Council’s functions, as well as the work undertaken by the Cardiff Public Services Board and its impact on the local community.



This Panel will initially be in place until 30th September 2020, with its duration and remit being kept under review.  Any changes will need to be agreed by full Council.



The Panel will:




Meet remotely when required with each meeting being recorded for subsequent upload or live streamed to the Council’s website to make the meetings available to the public.



Undertake pre-decision scrutiny of all Cabinet decisions with each Panel member informally liaising with their own committee members to ensure that their views are taken into account.



Consider any scrutiny that has previously been undertaken and which is relevant to the Cabinet decision being made.



Seek further information or clarification from the Cabinet Member Portfolio Holder and relevant Senior Officers during its remote meetings.



Inform Cabinet in writing of the pre-decision scrutiny recommendations of the Panel for each Cabinet Decision.  



Collate any COVID-19 “life and limb” concerns identified by ward members for escalation to the Cabinet.



Quorum – The quorum for the Panel is three members.



Substitute members  - Substitute members may be appointed in accordance with the   Appointment of Substitute Members Procedure Rule.



Chairperson  - The Chair of the Panel is to be appointed by Council.  In the absence of the Chair, the Panel shall elect one of its members to chair the meeting.