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Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee

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Information about Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee

Committee Remit:


(a) To actively promote real and sustained improvements in the life chances of Looked After Children, Children in need, Care Leavers and children and young people in the criminal justice system and to work within an annual programme to that end;


(b) To develop, monitor and review a corporate parenting strategy, and ensure its effective implementation through work plans and corporate parenting training programmes;


(c) To seek to ensure that the life chances of Looked After Children, Children in Need and care leavers are maximised in terms of health, education attainment, and access to training and employment, to aid the transition to a secure and productive adulthood;


(d) To recommend ways in which more integrated services can be developed across all Council directorates, schools and other stakeholders to lead towards better outcomes for Looked After Children, Children in Need and care leavers;


(e) To ensure that mechanisms are in place to enable Looked After Children, Children in Need and care leavers, to play an integral role in service planning and design, and that their views are regularly sought and acted upon;


(f) To ensure performance monitoring systems are in place, and regularly review performance data to ensure sustained performance improvements in outcomes for Looked After Children, Children in need and care leavers;


(g) To receive all relevant Children’s Services inspection and annual reports, including: Children’s Homes Quality of Care Report; Case Practice Reviews, Fostering Annual Quality of Care Report; Adoption Fostering Annual Quality of Care Report; 4C’s Commissioning; out of Area Annual Report; Annual Report of Brighter Futures (with education); Children’s Complaints reports; and Advocacy Annual Report;


(h) To report to the Cabinet at least twice a year;


(i) To make recommendations to the Cabinet where responsibility for that function rests with the Cabinet;


(j) To report to the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Committee as necessary;


(k) To recommend the appointment of co-opted members to the Committee for approval by Council;


(l) To develop and undertake a programme of consultation, listening and engagement events with Looked After Children and care leavers, as well as visits to services providing support and advice to Looked After Children, Children n Need and care leavers;


(m) To submit an Annual Report on the work of the Committee to Full Council.


(n)  All Members of the Committee will be required to undertaken relevant training to enable them to properly discharge their duties.