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Standards & Ethics Committee

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Information about Standards & Ethics Committee

Function of the Standards & Ethics Committee:



To monitor and scrutinise the ethical standards of the Authority, its Members, employees and any associated providers of the Authority’s services, and to report to the Council on any matters of concern.



To advise the Council on the content of its Ethical Code and to update the Code as appropriate.



To advise the Council on the effective implementation of the Code including such matters  as the training of Members and employees on the Code’s application.



To consider and determine the outcome of complaints that Councillors and Co-opted Members have acted in breach of the Code in accordance with procedures agreed by the Standards Committee, including the imposition of any penalties available to the Committee.



To oversee and monitor the Council’s whistleblowing procedures and to consider ethical issues arising from complaints under the procedure and other complaints.



To grant or refuse requests for dispensations in respect of Members’ interests under the Members Code of Conduct in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions.



To undertake those functions in relation to community councils situated in the area of the Council and members of those community councils which are required by law.



To recommend to Council and the Cabinet any additional guidance on issues of probity.



To hear and determine any complaints of misconduct by Members or a report of the Monitoring Officer, whether on reference from the Ombudsman or otherwise.



To recommend the provision to the Monitoring Officer of such resources as he/she may require for the performance of his/her duties.



All Members of the Committee will be required to undertake relevant training to enable them to properly discharge their duties.