Agenda and draft minutes

Thursday, 30th November, 2017 4.30 pm

Contact: Gill Nurton 

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No. Item


Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from Councillors Ashgar Ali, Murphy, McGarry, Parkhill, Keith Parry and Singh. The Lord Mayor on behalf of all Members wished Councillor Murphy all best as he recovers at home following major surgery.


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest (such declarations to be made in accordance with the Members Code of Conduct)


The following declarations of interest were received in accordance with the Member Code of Conduct





Councillor Molik

Item 12 Leader and Cabinet Statements – Statement from Cabinet Member, Social Care, Health & Well-being

Personal interest as employed in the sight loss sector

Councillor Bradbury

Item 18 – Local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 83.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 272 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting.


The minutes of the meeting 26 October 2017 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairperson.



To receive petitions from Elected Members to Council.


The following petitions were submitted: -


1.    Councillor Lent – 21 residents of Treharris Street requesting more residents parking.

2.    Councillor Burke-Davies – 220 residents opposed to the planning application for Mynachdy Institute on the ward boundary of Gabalfa and Llandaff North wards.

3.    Councillor McKerlich – 287 residents of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 85.


Public Questions pdf icon PDF 35 KB

To receive previously notified questions from Members of the Public.


Public Question: from Miss Helen Edwards


I would be grateful to understand what plans the Council have in place to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city of which there has been a marked increase over the past twelve months to the point that it is now taking me approximately  ...  view the full minutes text for item 86.


Lord Mayor's Announcements

To receive the Lord Mayor’s announcements including Recognitions and Awards.


Ronald (Ron) Page - sadly, the Lord Mayor advised that former Councillor Ron Page, Local Councillor for the Heath Ward had passed away on 17 November 2017.  On behalf of the Council, the Lord Mayor had written a letter of condolence on behalf of the Council to his daughter and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 87.


Senior Management Proposal pdf icon PDF 158 KB

Report of the Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member, Finance, Modernisation and Performance propose the report which sought approval of Council for the creation, public advertisement and remuneration of the new post of Corporate Director People & Communities, which forms part of the new senior management structure that was agreed by the Cabinet on 16 November 2017.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 88.


Treasury Management Mid-Year 2017-18 pdf icon PDF 118 KB

Annexes A & B to Appendix 1 to this report are not for publication as they contain exempt information of the description in Paragraphs 14 and 21 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.



Report of the Corporate Director Resources & Section 151 Officer.

Additional documents:


The Council’s Treasury Management activities are governed by legislation and the revised Code of Practice 2011 developed by Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). 


The Cabinet Member Finance, Modernisation and Performance presented the mid-year monitoring report of Treasury Management activities since 1 April 2017 and the position as  ...  view the full minutes text for item 89.


Supplementary Planning Guidance pdf icon PDF 150 KB

Cabinet Proposal

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member, Strategic Planning and Transport proposed the report and the following Supplementary Planning Guidance that had been the subject of consultation, for adoption by Full Council: -

·         Green Infrastructure including Technical Guidance Notes relating to:

Ecology and Biodiversity

Trees and Development

Public Rights of Way and Development

River  ...  view the full minutes text for item 90.


Local Resolution Protocol pdf icon PDF 111 KB

Report of the Director of Governance and Legal Services & Monitoring Officer

Additional documents:


The Leader of the Council presented the report on the amendments to the Local Resolution Protocol recommended by the Standards and Ethics Committee. 


The Leader referred to the previous process and proposed extension of the Protocol to low-level complaints made by officers about the conduct of a Member these changes  ...  view the full minutes text for item 91.


Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee Annual Report 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 354 KB

To receive the Annual Report for 2016/17 from the Chair of the Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee


Councillor Lent former Deputy Leader and Chair of the Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee present the Committee’s Annual Report 2016/17 to Council. The report reflected on a much more productive year than 2015-16 and the fact that a settled committee was much better placed to focus on the Corporate Parenting Strategy  ...  view the full minutes text for item 92.


Leader and Cabinet Statements pdf icon PDF 124 KB

To receive statements from the Leader and Cabinet Members

Additional documents:


The following statements were received:


1.    Leader Statement

The Leader responded to questions on his statement relating to the WLGA Autumn Seminar and the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services statement on local government reform; planning for Just Cities and Wellbeing objectives that will be drawn out in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 93.


Motion 1 pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Proposed by:  Councillor Jennifer Burke-Davies


Seconded by: Councillor Ashley Lister


This council notes that Universal Credit, the single monthly payment which replaces the six current working age benefits, is to be rolled out in Cardiff from the end of February 2018.

Despite the outstanding work being undertaken in Cardiff to support, advise and assist those impacted by welfare reform, it is inevitable that Universal Credit will impact negatively on the lives of the most vulnerable people in our city through the operation of a process that seems designed to push people into poverty and debt. This council also notes that, within our area, the number of people who will be affected by these changes is likely to be in the tens of thousands.

Cardiff Council notes with concern that the move to a Full Service Universal Credit in other parts of the country has caused considerable financial hardship for many of those people moving onto this new system of benefit payments. Before a full role out of Universal credit the following problems need to be addressed:

  • The six week wait for claimants to receive their benefits. The idea that all workers are in jobs where they are paid a month in arrears ignores the reality for the 1.5m workers who struggle on zero hours, insecure jobs or forced self-employment. Claimants need to be paid from day one.
  • Payments going to one named member of a household. Many claimants struggle to budget and payments should be paid to the separate claimants within a household and on a fortnightly rather than monthly basis. With the present policy there is a real danger that if the whole benefit goes to one named individual there is no guarantee that the money will be distributed fairly within the household
  • Claimants need to have their rent paid directly to landlords to avoid the unacceptably high levels of arrears and homelessness that have occurred in the areas where UC already exists. Pushing claimants into debt adds to the stress and insecurity for claimants.
  • An end to benefit sanctions as there is no evidence that sanctioning helps people into work. In fact taking away claimant’s ability to feed themselves and their families prevents them from focusing on finding employment as they are too busy trying to survive. The evidence of the harm that sanctions cause is growing – they are an unnecessary cruelty in our benefits system.
  • Allow all new claimants to apply for Universal credit in jobs centres or alternative funding should be provided for the Council to take on this role. Forcing new claimant to apply on-line causes real problems for many people who don’t have either access or the IT skills to cope with the complex online application. The use of a paid helpline also needs to be abandoned as claimants cannot afford the expensive rates charged. The planned job centre closures also needs to be reversed as claimants need face to face support to help them back into work and to  ...  view the full agenda text for item 94.

Additional documents:


The Lord Mayor advised that a notice of motion proposed by Councillor Burke-Davies and seconded by Councillor Lister had been received for consideration and was included on the Summons for the meeting.


The Notice of Motion was as follows:


This Council notes that Universal Credit, the single monthly payment which  ...  view the full minutes text for item 94.


Motion 2 pdf icon PDF 84 KB

Proposed by             Councillor Dan De’Ath

Seconded by             Councillor Susan Goddard


This Council notes that:


1.      130 young people (aged 16 or over) left the care of City of Cardiff Council and began the difficult transition out of care and into adulthood during the 16/17 financial year.


2.     A 2016 report by The Children’s Society found that when care leavers move into independent accommodation they begin to manage their own budget fully for the first time. The report showed that care leavers can find this extremely challenging and with no family to support them and insufficient financial education, are falling into debt and financial difficulty.


3.     Research from The Centre for Social Justice found that over half (57%) of young people leaving care have difficulty managing their money and avoiding debt when leaving care.


4.     The local authority has statutory corporate parenting responsibilities towards young people who have left care up until the age of 25.


This Council believes that:


1.     To ensure that the transition from care to adult life is as smooth as possible, and to mitigate the chances of care leavers falling into debt as they begin to manage their own finances, they should be exempt from paying council tax.


2.      Care leavers are a particularly vulnerable group for council tax debt.

This Council, therefore, resolves:


To take a report to the next Cabinet meeting exploring measures to use the City Council’s convening powers and expertise in corporate parenting to work with all council tax collecting authorities to exempt all care leavers in the county from council tax, sharing any arising costs proportionately.

Additional documents:


The Lord Mayor advised that a notice of motion proposed by Councillor De’Ath and seconded by Councillor Goddard had been received for consideration and was included on the Summons for the meeting.


The Notice of Motion was as follows:


This Council notes that:


1.     130 young people (aged 16 or  ...  view the full minutes text for item 95.


Motion 3 pdf icon PDF 122 KB

Proposed by             Councillor Sean Driscoll

Seconded by             Councillor Philippa Hill-John


This Council notes that:


1.    Cardiff’s population is projected to grow by 26%, which is the highest projected growth and expansion of any UK city during the period of our Local Development Plan. This expansion will increase traffic pollution throughout the city.


2.    That poor air quality damages people’ health and damages buildings – especially in our conservation areas.


3.    That traffic congestion outside schools will increase levels of pollution during the school run.


4.    That at present Cardiff constantly fails to meet air quality standards with regard to NO2 levels in areas of the city, and that present levels of particulates have a negative impact on health.


This Council calls on the Cabinet:


1.     To instigate the live monitoring of Cardiff’s Air quality with monitoring stations at different locations across the city.


2.     To undertake a comprehensive feasibility study of overhauling Cardiff Council’s vehicle fleet in order to bring those vehicles in line with the very latest environmental friendly technology, and to consider the possibility of grants for green technology on the bus fleets operating in Cardiff.


3.     To ensure that Cardiff Council works in close partnership with key stakeholders including neighbouring local authorities and business, to ensure that best practice in delivering clean air strategies can be learnt from and implemented in Cardiff.


4.     To assess Cardiff’s current level of readiness to take advantage of electric vehicle technology, including charging points and ensure that Cardiff works towards becoming an electric vehicle friendly city.


5.     To further develop the walk to school scheme and workplace travel plans for Cardiff businesses.

Additional documents:


The Lord Mayor advised that a notice of motion proposed by Councillor Driscoll and seconded by Councillor Philippa Hill-John had been received for consideration and was included on the Summons for the meeting.


The Notice of Motion was as follows:


This Council notes that:


1.    Cardiff’s population is projected to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 96.


Oral Questions pdf icon PDF 90 KB

To receive oral questions to the Leader, Cabinet Members; Chairs of Committee and/or nominated Members of the Fire Authority.


Question:  Councillor Kelloway


I have been approached by a number of residents in Cyncoed who are strongly of the opinion that there exist addresses of convenience within the catchments of the popular schools in the area, and that these ‘revolving door’ addresses are rented on a short term basis to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 97.


Urgent Business -


There was no urgent business


LA Governors Appointments pdf icon PDF 137 KB

To approve the recommendations of the Local Authority Governor Panel 21 November 2017


Report of Director Governance and Legal Services


The Council was requested to approve the recommendations of the Local Authority Governor Panel 21 November 2017.




1.    the following appointments be approved to existing vacancies: -




Start of Vacancy



Birchgrove Primary School



Muriel Fisher

Pencaerau Primary School



Richard  ...  view the full minutes text for item 99.


Committee Membership pdf icon PDF 97 KB

Report of Director Governance and Legal Services


The Council was requested to approve changes to Committee Membership.


RESOLVED – That the following appointments to Committee vacancies be approved in accordance with Party Group wishes:




Planning Committee

Councillor Goddard as a temporary replacement for Councillor Murphy

Licensing Committee

Councillor Ford




Urgent Decision: Euros 2020 Fast Track Bid pdf icon PDF 100 KB


This report was received by Full Council for information only in relation to an urgent decision taken by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Cabinet Member, Local Ward Members and Chair of Scrutiny to in relation to the UEFA Fast Track Bidding process for the Euros 2020 to with  ...  view the full minutes text for item 101.


End of Meeting


The Lord Mayor before closing the meeting thanked Youth Food for the provision of refreshments to Members during the break and wished them all the best for their future ventures. 


The Lord Mayor wished Members Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Dda a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.  


(Meeting Closed at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 102.


Written Questions pdf icon PDF 163 KB

In accordance with the Council Procedure Rules, Rule 17(f) Written Questions received for consideration and response will be included as a record in the minutes of the meeting.






During the summer, we came across an article stating the concerning figures regarding missing children who are under local authority care – vulnerable children who could be at risk of paedophiles, drug gangs or otherwise. From my  ...  view the full minutes text for item 103.